With Pathogen Analysis and Detection services from Poppy, gain data and insights on how airborne pathogens travel throughout your yacht, and get rapid alerts when pathogens are detected.

Beyond detecting the COVID-19 virus in the air, Poppy’s platform also identifies the airborne presence of destructive mold, pests, and food-borne bacteria like salmonella. With Poppy on board, your guests, crew, and investments are kept safe from harm.

How Poppy’s Airborne Pathogen Detection Works

Poppy’s Air Collection Devices are set up to monitor individual zones across guest and crew decks, typically 5 to 15 zones on a 50 foot ship. The devices are whisper-quiet, no larger than a smoke detector, and require no connectivity, just a power outlet.

Poppy devices run 24/7 to collect any viruses, bacteria or molds in the air. Cartridges are replaced and processed by Poppy, to identify the airborne presence of everything from COVID-19, to a norovirus, to salmonella. The results appear on a dashboard that gives alerts and next-step recommendations.

Monitored regularly, Poppy’s turnkey solution provides a clear view of the presence of over 1000 invisible factors that can make a voyage challenging or impossible. No upfront investments or complex installation required.

A customized dashboard gives alerts and next-
step recommendations

Poppy processes and analyzes

each zone’s collection

Poppy devices collect from your ship’s air and surface

How Poppy’s Mobility and Air Clearance Audits Work

Poppy Mobility and Air Clearance Audits provide visual analysis of how ventilation allows (or prevents) pathogens from spreading onboard. Operators invest heavily in thoughtful HVAC systems on their yachts, and welcome the chance to see exactly how airborne pathogens can actually circulate in their indoor spaces.

Using a suite of Poppy devices, Poppy provides a one-time audit to best understand where a problem might come from, or travel to. In the unfortunate event of a pathogen being detected, the audit becomes a map with which to navigate its source, effects, and plan of action.

What Poppy Does and
Doesn't Monitor

Poppy monitors for the presence of:

Poppy doesn’t monitor:

Proven Science. Proactive Results.

Beyond yachts, Poppy’s services are currently deployed in the offices of financial institutions, major performance spaces, multiple manufacturing sites, commercial real estate operators, and international airports.

Poppy’s customers have come to rely on Poppy’s innovative technologies that are backed by the hard science of diagnostic-quality detection methods. Our team includes:

• Global experts in environmental sensing and genomics
• Deep experience in sensor hardware
• State of the art software to interpret collections
• Veteran response-planning teams

Our customers trust our science, as well as our security. Some of the most sensitive global customers work with Poppy, confident that their environmental data, information and identity remain strictly confidential to the designated parties.

Peace of Mind for Crew, Passengers, and Operators.​

It’s never been more challenging to ensure a safe voyage. On top of all of the traditional risks of foodborne illness and destructive mold, owners and operators must now navigate the infection risks of COVID-19.

No yacht was built with a pandemic in mind. But in 2021, Poppy’s devices and services can provide the insight and intelligence to allow crew, passengers, and operators to all breathe easier and set to sea with confidence.