Protect your people
by protecting your places.

Why Poppy places are safer.

Harmful pathogens can be transmitted through air or surface contact, leaving an invisible mark on a space for 24 hours or more.

Poppy never sleeps.

Poppy detects 1,000+ viruses, bacteria, molds, and pests by continuously monitoring your site each day—and provides updates automatically to include any new pathogens discovered worldwide.

Early warning = early action.

Poppy’s dashboard provides easy monitoring of your spaces for COVID-19 and other pathogens by alerting you when a zone needs attention and recommending expert-curated, precisely targeted actions.

Proven science. Proactive results.

With our best-in-class hardware, software, and scientific protocols to monitor spaces based on diagnostic-quality detection methods, Poppy’s expert team has created a unique group health monitoring approach that complements individual testing and contact tracing efforts.

Verify Safe Indoor Air Flow.

No more guessing how well filters or purifiers are working. Poppy uniquely assesses how pathogens travel and clear your space as part of the Poppy subscription. Using patent-pending DNA-based barcodes, air particles are tagged and captured by Poppy to measure potential pathogen hotspots and compare before and after.​