Help make the invisible visible.

Poppy collects from your
site’s air and surfaces.
A customized dashboard
gives alerts and next-step
Poppy processes and analyzes
each zone’s collection.

Subscribe and start in 48 hours.

Poppy’s turnkey solution provides a view of the effectiveness of your COVID-related measures in each zone of your organization. No upfront investments or installation required.

Poppy never sleeps.

Poppy detects 1,000+ viruses, bacteria, molds, and pests by continuously monitoring your site each day—and provides updates automatically to include any new pathogens discovered worldwide.

Early warning = early action.

Poppy’s dashboard provides easy monitoring of your spaces for COVID-19 and other pathogens by alerting you when a zone needs attention and recommending expert-curated, precisely targeted actions.

Proven science. Proactive results.

With our best-in-class hardware, software, and scientific protocols to monitor spaces based on diagnostic-quality detection methods, Poppy’s expert team has created a unique group health monitoring approach that complements individual testing and contact tracing efforts.